Scientific student sections

Student scientific team

on doctrinal problems of procedural science

section “Criminal Procedural Law of Ukraine”


work of the research group for the 1st semester

2023-2024 academic year

 Time: 15.00-16.20.,

 103 aud.Law Institute




About the election of the head of the student scientific circle.

About the organization of the work of the student research group on doctrinal problems of procedural science, section “Criminal Procedural Law”.

 October 17, 2023


Defense counsel in criminal proceedings: realities and ways to improve the performance of the defense function

Legal status of the victim and civil plaintiff in criminal proceedings.

October 31, 2023


Electronic documents as evidence in criminal proceedings: realities, problems, ways of improvement

The doctrine of the fruit of the poisoned tree: international and national realities

November 14, 2023


Problematic issues of seizure of property as a security measure in criminal proceedings.

Forced feeding of a suspect, accused, to whom a preventive measure in the form of detention is applied: justified necessity or restriction of rights?

November 28, 2023


Detention as a preventive measure in criminal proceedings: domestic realities and international experience.

December 5, 2023


Group leader:

Senior teacher Lesya KULCHAK